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We have attracted and retained a talented and dedicated team of employees. By staying true to what we do,

we've experienced success and growth. Our foundation is built on honesty, respect, open communication and collaboration. These carry through to the markets we serve.


Peter Carlson_001.jpg

Peter Carlson




Peter has been in the construction industry since 1996. In his free time, he enjoys wake surfing, camping, riding motorcycles and coaching youth hockey!

Fun Fact: Peter is a registered nurse! After 18 years in the construction industry, he got his nursing license and worked in the medical field for four years.

Certifications: Carpentry Apprenticeship

Education: B.S. in Nursing - Walden University; A.S. in Nursing - North Hennepin Community College

Selected Projects:

SCSU Heating Plant Roof & Fire Suppression - St. Cloud, MN

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