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Jared Powell_001.jpg

Jared Powell, Assoc. DBIA

Senior Project Manager



Jared has been in the construction industry since 2012. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, fishing, golfing, relaxing with friends, and traveling to visit family around the United States.


Fun Fact: Jared has lived in 7 different states! Also, he played both baseball and football in college.

Certifications: OSHA 30-Hour, Assoc. DBIA


Education: Master of Arts in Sports Administration & Leadership - Augustana University, B.S. in Health and Exercsie Science - University of Arksansas - Little Rock,  A.A. in Associate of Arts - Inver Hills Community College

Selected Projects:

Mississippi Crossings - Champlin, MN

Army Reserve Center (ARC) | (UHS) - St. Joseph, MN​*

Fort McCoy Transient Training Barracks - Fort McCoy, WI​*

Army REserve Center (ARC, OMS & UHS) - Phoenix, AZ*

*Project completed while with another firm.