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Terra was hired by Carleton College to provide construction management services to facilitate the bidding, acquisition and installation of new windows at Goodsell Observatory over a summer break. Goodsell Observatory was constructed in 1887 and the new windows needed to be fabricated to match the existing historic exterior profiles. Trim was also painted to match the original color. Terra worked with PDG and Carleton to facilitate the bidding process and secure replacement windows from Marvin Windows for the facility. The windows also needed to accommodate existing window air conditioners in some openings and this was accomplished by installing Mapes panels in a number of the lower sashes.​

Built in 1887, the observatory holds a prominent place in history. From the 1870s until World War II, it set time for all major railroads from Chicago to Seattle and was home to one of the nation’s first weather services. It is one of only six active observatories at liberal arts colleges in the country.

Carleton College Goodsell Observatory

Northfield, MN

Carleton College
Professional Design Group
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