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Terra Construction began in 2007 as Terra General Contractors with just six employees from the merging

of two previous entities. Since then, our roster has grown to support the growth of the firm and continue

to deliver successful projects in the construction markets that we serve.


Tom Brown acquired majority interest in the company in July 2007. With a new name, Terra General Contractors, we were well grounded and becoming better known in the industry. Significant projects started/completed this year were for Union Congregational Church, Cretex Companies, EDCO, Anna’s Bananas and Fremont Place.

Tom Brown compliments Jon Pate of Pate Bonding for supporting Terra during our infancy. “Jon provided Terra with $4.5M in bonding capacity based mainly on our personal relationship and understanding that we would carefully manage our risks,”  says Tom Brown. “Today Pate Bonding is our bonding agent and we are loyal to those who put their trust in us. We come to work each day with that same attitude and we value the trust that our clients have placed in us.”   

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